Deciding on the type of roof
   Deciding on the type of roof to use for your new building or when you want to replace an old one can be a demanding choice to make.

The roof is one of the most important parts of any construction, thus, you need to make your decision wisely. The most basic and useful purpose of roofs is protection against the outside elements hence acts as a barrier of entry to the external materials that would otherwise make their way into the house.

Today roofs also act as part of the design if the house hence plays a major role in the appearance of the house. The roof shape therefore plays a crucial role in the defining of the shape and general outlook of the house.

Apart from influencing the architectural design of a house, roof shapes also affect largely the duration of installation and the cost of the installation.

Some of the popular shapes for roofs are gambrel and mansard which illustrates more head height, shed roofs which can be easily connected to the older roof. See  Zebulon roofing 

Flat shaped roofs can be referred to as horizontal since they are at a horizontal angle or almost horizontal. Some of the advantages of flat roofs is that they are not very hard to install, not very costly to install and generally take fair time for the process to be complete.

The most popular or commonly used type of flat roofs are gravel flat roofs which generally have a fair price, modified bitumen which are heat reflective hence saving in energy by acting as coolants, and rubber membrane which have the capability of withstanding harsh weather conditions hence very durable. Read more on  Fayetteville roofing repair 

The roofs that appear like a triangle are referred to as gable roofs and they are very convenient in getting rid of water, mostly rain water and other materials that get on its exterior surface.

The gable roofs can take various forms such as side gable, front gable, crossed gable, and dutch gable roofs. Roofing materials vary and one of the most common and generally affordable roofing material is the asphalt shingles which come in two types that is either fiberglass shingles or organic asphalt shingles.

Metal roofing is the other type of roofing materials and a metal roofing can help to control the temperatures of your home during sunny days since they since they reflect solar heat.

The other type of roofing materials are wood shingles and shakes which are cost effective and very durable when installed correctly therefore thre is need to hire professionals to install them for you and not only this type of roofing materials but also any other.